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Exemptions Determined by the Assessor

The Exemptions section of the Division of Property Taxation has seen an increase of non-qualifying applications for exemption that should be determined at the county level. Please be sure to review Volume 2, Chapter 10 of the Assessor Reference Library to determine whether an exemption should be granted by your office before you have an organization fill out an application with the Division of Property Taxation. In addition to the hassle of filling out an application, when filed with us the potentially exempt property owner must include the examination fee.

Requirements for Second 2023 Abstract of Assessment

The Division is tracking a recently introduced bill that directs counties to file a second, updated abstract of assessment for tax year 2023, HB24-1179, 2023 Property Tax Year Updated Abstract.

As introduced, this new bill creates a requirement for all assessors to file an updated abstract in order to take into account the changes the legislature made in Senate Bill 23B-001. Language in the bill says that the assessors’ offices shall file a copy of their updated abstract on or before February 20, 2024.

Local Government Reimbursement Reporting

Senate Bills 22-238 and 23B-001 require assessors to compile data and report it to the Division of Property Taxation by March 1, 2024. To aid in providing this data, the Division created a spreadsheet that will capture the necessary data. The link to the spreadsheet can be found on the DPT website.

2024 Media Releases

Enclosed is a sample public notice along with sample media releases for 2024. The notice and media releases may be used as written by filling in the blanks with the appropriate information, or they may be customized to meet your needs. Adjustments have been made for the 2024 statutory dates that fall on a weekend or holiday. The dates for real property are set assuming that the Real Property Notices of Valuation will be mailed on Wednesday, May 1, 2024. If the notices are mailed earlier than May 1, the date real property protests begin must be adjusted accordingly.

Cogent Communications Company

This memo is essentially a survey.  We appreciate the patience with the state assessment of telephone companies, and who does what assessments.  

Cogent Communications acquired Sprint Wireline in 2023, but Cogent is not state assessed, and does not file any paperwork with the Colorado Public Utility Commission. Cogent claims to be filing at the county level, and we would like to know what counties have property declarations. Cogent has maintained an active status with the Colorado Secretary of State since 2000.

NOV for Intervening Year

Senate Bill 22-238 requires the Property Tax Administrator to calculate and report the ratio of valuation for assessment of residential property, except multi-family, to the general assembly for property tax year 2024, on or before March 21, 2024. 

Curtis Belcher Retirement

The Division of Property Taxation would like to recognize Property Tax Specialist, Curtis Belcher, for his dedicated and outstanding public service to the citizens of Colorado. After more than 13 years with the Division, Curtis quietly retired this past month.

2023 Special Legislative Session and Recertification

A message from JoAnn Groff, State of Colorado Property Tax Administrator,

As you all are probably aware, today, Governor Polis called a special session to begin November 17, 2023, in an effort to lower the taxable value of properties in Colorado for 2023.