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For media inquiries connect with the Department of Local Affairs Newsroom. The Department of Local Affairs accepts Colorado Open Record Request (CORA) requests.

1313 Sherman Street
Suite 419
Denver, CO, 80203

Email: dola_dpt_frontdesk@state.co.us

Phone: 303-864-7777
Fax: 303-864-7999
TDD/TTY: 303-864-7758


Contacts by Division

Property Tax Administrator

Assessment Resources

Appraisal Standards


State Assessed

Areas of Responsibility by Subject


Abstract of Assessment Report

Accounting Procedures

Administrative Remedies

Agricultural Land and Equipment

Airline Companies, Valuation

Annexation, Inclusions, Disconnections and Exclusions

Annual Report

Appeals Process

Appraisal Report Template

Appraiser Certification and Licensing

Assessed Values Manual

Assessors' Reference Library - Vol 2 - Administrative and Assessment

Assessors' Reference Library - Vol 3 & 5 - Real and Personal Property Valuation

Bed and Breakfast Valuation


Bulletin, Division of Property Taxation

Certification of Levies and Revenues

Certification of Values


Colorado Assessors' Association (CAA)

Commercial Property Valuation

Complaints, Taxpayer

Condominium Valuation

Conservation Easements

Consolidation of Exempt Properties

County Aid and Assistance

Court Case Database

Declaration Schedules

Disabled Veteran Exemption

Distance Education 

Education Administration

Education Coordination 

Electrical Companies, Rural

Energy Companies, Electric and Renewable

Environmental Property

Exemptions - Applications and Annual Reports

Exemptions – Religious, Charitable, Private Schools

  • Refer to contact information listed under, Religious, Charitable, Private Schools

Exemptions - Rules and Statutes

Exemptions – Senior Citizen and Disabled Veteran Homestead

  • Refer to contact information listed under, Senior Citizen / Homestead Exemption.

Factors, Personal Property

Forms - Exemptions

Forms - Assessment Resources

Forms - Manufactured Homes

Forms - Approval

Gas Companies, Distribution and Transmission

Gas Pipeline Carriers

Refer to contact information listed under Pipeline Companies.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Golf Course Valuation

Homestead Exemption

Hotel/Motel Valuation

Industrial Property Valuation



Legislator, Call from

Manufactured Housing

Mapping Specifications

Mass Appraisal Process

Media Inquiries

Media Releases

Mill Levies

  • TBD - Division of Local Government and 303-864-7720

Mines, Producing

Mixed Use Property - Appraisal Standards

Mixed Use Property - Assessment Resources

Mobile Homes

Natural Resources

New Construction (for certification) - Locally Assessed

New Construction (for certification) - State Assessed

Oil and Gas

Omitted Property - Real Property

Omitted Property - Personal Property

Parcel Identification

Personal Property

Pipeline Companies - Locally Assessed

Pipeline Companies - State Assessed

Possessory Interest

Private Car Lines

Property Tax Rent/Heat Rebate

(For Senior Citizens and Persons with Disabilities)

Department of Revenue: 303-238-7378

Property Tax Deferral

For Senior Citizens and members of the National Guard and Reserves called into active service, refer to local County Treasurer's Office.

Public Notices

Railroad Companies

Real Property Valuation (except mobile/manufactured homes)

Refund of Property Taxes (Abatement)

Religious, Charitable, Private Schools

Renewable Energy - Locally Assessed

Renewable Energy - State Assessed

Residential Assessment Rate Study

Residential Exemptions/Forms (except senior citizen/disabled veteran exemptions)

Residential Property Valuation (except mobile/manufactured homes)

Rural Structure Valuation

Sales Confirmation and Verification

Senior Citizen Property Tax / Exemption

Severed Minerals

Solar Energy Facilities - Locally Assessed

Solar Energy Facilities - State Assessed

Special Mobile Machinery (SMM) Manuals

Special Mobile Machinery (SMM) Valuation Requests

State Assessed Value Allocation and Apportionment

State Assessed Value Distribution

State Board of Equalization

State Board of Equalization - Exemptions Questions

Statutory Advisory Committee

Subsidized Housing Valuation

Tax Certificate Sales Approval

Tax Increment Financing

Taxing Jurisdiction, Inquiries from

Taxpayer Complaints

Telephone Companies, Fixed- Based

Telephone Companies, Mobile

Telephone Companies, Rural

Telephone Resellers

Time Trending, Statistics/Performance Evaluation

Title Conveyance

Vacant Land

Vacant Land, Present Worth Discounting

Water Companies


Wind Farms/Wind Energy Facilities

Workforce Analysis

Division Publications for Sale

Assessors' Reference Library (ARL) Manuals

The Assessors' Reference Library Volumes are updated yearly and also available on compact disk for a total charge of $25 for all available volumes. If hard copies are desired, there is a $25 charge for each hard copy of the ARL volumes. The charge includes the volume and one year of updates, tracked from the date of purchase.

Annual Report to the Governor and General Assembly

The first copy is free. Each additional copy is $10. Make checks payable to the Department of Local Affairs. Reports are available from Thomas Young, 303-864-7768 or thomas.young@state.co.us . The Annual Report is published by June each year. The Annual Report is also available on our website and also on CD.


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