Local Government Reimbursement Reporting

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Senate Bills 22-238 and 23B-001 require assessors to compile data and report it to the Division of Property Taxation by March 1, 2024. To aid in providing this data, the Division created a spreadsheet that will capture the necessary data. The link to the spreadsheet can be found on the DPT website.

Upon completion of the spreadsheets, please email them to: dola_dpt_reporting@state.co.us. To assist in our review process, please send them upon completion. It is not necessary to wait until March 1st to send the spreadsheets.

The Division is required to confirm the reported amounts are correct. Please verify that the Cumulative Assessed Value (cell N18) and the 2023 Gross Assessed Value from Certification Form (cell C24) balance. They may not balance exactly due to rounding; however, they should be in relative balance. Please make sure you have completed the entries for all cells before submitting. 

Additionally, the Division has worked with our OIT department to create a portal for reporting reimbursement related values. Due to the high volume of errors with mill levies and balancing, the Division will open the reporting portal to counties upon the completion of our spreadsheet review process.

Instructions for accessing the portal and entering data will be provided with an email from the Division notifying the county that their spreadsheets have been approved.

If you have any questions please contact Lori DeCrow at (970)248-7308 or lori.decrow@state.co.us, or Tony Werckman at (303) 864-7767 or tony.werckman@state.co.us.