2023 Certification of Levies and Revenues

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The Certification of Levies and Revenue workbook and instructions are now available online. Additionally, the Revenues and Levies portal may be used to create this report if you choose to use it.

Access to the Revenues and Levies portal can be accessed by logging into the County Portal, and requesting access to the Revenues and Levies tab from the main menu. Access takes one day to be approved and updated. This is the same login for abstract work if you already do that. Instructions for the data upload can be found on the main Revenue and Levies page under options/Import CVS Files.

We are asking that counties upload or enter all of the levy and revenue information for their special districts. If counties could then submit their TIF information directly to the Division, we will make sure it is entered correctly.

Section 39-1-111, C.R.S., requires that certification be completed by December 22, except for this tax year, under SB23B-001, which postpones the deadline to January 17, 2024. Section 39-1-111(2), C.R.S., requires that copies of the certification be filed with:

  • County Assessor
  • Colorado Department of Education
    201 E. Colfax Avenue
    Denver, CO  80203
    Attn: Public School Finance Unit
  • Division of Property Taxation
    1313 Sherman Street, Room 419
    Denver, CO  80203
    Attn: Thomas Young
  • Division of Local Government
    1313 Sherman Street, Room 521
    Denver, CO  80203
    Attn: Victor Chen

Questions may be sent to Thomas Young at thomas.young@state.co.us, or to Wendy Hernandez at wendy.hernandez@state.co.us.