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The mission of the Division of Property Taxation education program is to provide comprehensive professional education opportunities to Colorado assessors and their staff. The program assists in meeting professional, technical and statutory educational requirements for ad valorem real property appraisal and property tax administration. The education program is developed with the cooperation of the Colorado Assessors' Association Education Committee. It is designed to encourage a higher level of uniform and equalized property assessments statewide through the training of personnel working in the assessment field.

The education program provides opportunities for county assessors to select the courses, workshops, and seminars that are best suited to meet the education requirements of their office and staff. In addition, the education program:

  • Provides assessors and their staff guidance and instruction necessary to fulfill their obligation to the public.
  • Offers an annual school as required in § 39-2-110, C.R.S., for assessors and their staff.
  • Affords the opportunity to acquire the understanding and knowledge of property values within classes of property.
  • Presents a program to maintain or build professional levels of appraisal and ethical standards.
  • Provides instruction to fulfill the educational requirements for an Ad Valorem license and continuing education.
  • Provides instruction for improving property classification and valuation techniques in the mass appraisal of properties.

Enrollment in Division appraisal and administrative classes is limited to county assessors and their staff, however the Property Tax Administrator may approve attendance for people associated with ad valorem taxation.Division courses are NOT available to the general public. The education program is designed for assessors as well as administrative and appraisal staff of all skill levels. Course curriculum and examinations are developed to assist students in meeting state registration, and continuing education requirements as an appraiser in Colorado. Courses and workshops have been developed to review and explain current Colorado property tax law, as well as to present generally accepted appraisal and management techniques useful to the assessor. Instruction on the application of assessment and appraisal policy and procedures, as published by the Property Tax Administrator, is also provided. For more information on the courses that are currently being offered see the education calendar.

Course Materials — The Division of Property Taxation will provide a pdf version of the main body of the course material to all registered students. The Division will provide any supplemental course material e.g., student exercises, exams, etc. The course material is the responsibility of the student and may be brought to class via an electronic device or printed hard-copy. Students are also responsible for pencils, pens, battery-operated calculators, etc. If a student needs to provide any additional text or publication it will be stated in the announcement.

Strongly Recommended Courses — It is strongly recommended that the students take Introduction to Assessment before any other administrative course, as well as any course presented by the Division offering qualifying education. Students should take Basic Appraisal Principles, prior to taking additional appraisal courses. These two courses are designed to establish the assessment groundwork and basic appraisal principles for all additional classes. Specific recommended prerequisites for individual classes are listed on the class descriptions you will find by clicking on the Courses &, Workshops link.

Course Scheduling Requirement — Courses may be canceled if pre-registration does not equal a total of twelve (12) students, two weeks prior to the scheduled class. The Division reserves the right to limit enrollment in any school or workshop. Enrollment generally will not exceed thirty-five students for any class. Classes are filled on a first come, first served basis.

Course Cancellations — When a course is canceled, the Division will notify all registrants. Counties that have submitted fees prior to cancelation of a course will have those fees credited for future courses or workshops.

Course Times — All courses, workshops and seminars begin at 8:30 a.m. and conclude by 5:00 p.m. each day unless otherwise noted on the announcement.

Lunch and Refreshment Breaks — A lunch break will be scheduled for one hour each day. Mid-morning and afternoon breaks of fifteen minutes each will also be scheduled.

Attendance Policy — Attendance is required to receive credit for a class or workshop, The Division will enforce the "100-percent Rule," which states that students are required to be in attendance for 100 percent of the classroom instruction.

School Locations — Courses, workshops, and seminars are scheduled at various locations within the state. Locations are selected for their learning environment, convenience to students and costs.

Student Lodging and Meals — All lodging and meal expenses are the responsibility of the student.

Final Examinations — Final examinations will be given for each five-day course. Some appraisal workshops and seminars are tested and, if passed, the credit hours can be used toward an initial appraisal license or as continuing education. The minimum passing score is 70 percent for all Division courses, the minimum passing score for the 15-hour USPAP class is 76 percent. Individual test results will be mailed to the student at the county. County assessors will not receive students' individual test scores.

Make-up Examinations — Students unable to take the final examination at its scheduled time will be given the opportunity to complete the examination. The Division has the discretion to allow the student to test at a later time at a place designated by the Division. The decision to allow make-up exams is based on the circumstances that prevented the student from taking the examination at the scheduled time. Failure to timely complete the examination will result in the course being listed as "Incomplete" on the student's transcript. If this occurs, the course must be taken again in its entirety, including successful completion of the final examination, to receive credit hours and/or a certificate. All make-up and retake examinations must be scheduled with the Division.

Retake Examinations — are available to students who fail their initial examination. Students who fail the retake exam must attend the course again, in its entirety, and receive a passing grade in order to receive credit. All make-up and retake examinations must be completed within 30 days of the final date of the scheduled class. All make-up and retake examinations must be scheduled with the Division.

National USPAP Retake Examinations — are available to students who fail their initial examination. Students are allowed two retake examinations, both within 30 days from the first day of the initial class. All make-up and retake examinations must be scheduled with the Division.

Challenge Examinations — The Colorado Board of Real Estate Appraisers (BOREA) does not permit challenge examinations for education credit. Classroom attendance is required to meet BOREA’s requirements for the initial Colorado appraiser license. BOREA does not require testing of continuing education classes. It is optional to the Division. The BOREA should be contacted to ensure a non-division class is eligible for continuing education credit.

The Division of Property Taxation does not offer an appraisal or administration certification or appraisal-licensing program. However, attendance certificates will be issued to all students successfully completing each Division course. The certificate can be used as documentation for the Colorado Board of Real Estate Appraisers' registered, license or continuing education requirements. A certificate of achievement will be awarded to all who attend the Annual Assessment Law and Administration Seminar.

The Colorado Board of Real Estate Appraisers has adopted rules for continuing education. Licenses are renewed for ​two-year periods. During the ​​t​wo​-year renewal period, at least ​twenty-eight hours of approved continuing education must be completed, including a minimum of seven hours of the National USPAP Course every other year. All continuing education workshop topics are listed on this site at the Calendar or Courses &, Workshops link. Continuing Education workshops covering specific topics are offered each year in regional locations.

The Division will provide students with a transcript of the Division of Property Taxation classes they have attended. You may get an unofficial transcript of the division courses taken. Official transcripts are only available upon written request. Official transcripts are affixed with the seal of the Property Tax Administrator and will list all Division classes attended, date of attendance, and whether the student passed, failed, or did not complete the class. Only courses, workshops, and seminars offered by the Division are listed. Transcripts of courses attended by other providers, including International Association of Assessing Officers, must be requested from the provider. Students are advised to keep personal records of all appraisal classes taken for appraisal licensing and continuing education purposes.

The Colorado Board of Real Estate Appraisers (BOREA) should be contacted for information concerning the rules, regulations and requirements on licensing and certification. BOREA also provides information on approved course providers, course credit hours, applications, testing and continuing education. BOREA's address, telephone number and web site address are:

Colorado Board of Real Estate Appraisers
1560 Broadway, Suite 925
Denver, CO 80202
Telephone 303-894-2166 or 303-894-2185


You can take an examination for a Colorado appraisal license.

The Annual Law and Administration Seminar provides an opportunity for assessors to improve their knowledge and understanding or methods of assessment and appraisal. The Division conducts this annual school for assessors and their employees in accordance with § 39-2-110, C.R.S

The International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) is one of many professional appraisal organizations that offer professional designation and education programs to the general public. For information regarding IAAO courses call (800) 616-4226 or go to their web site.

For a list of Colorado appraisal education providers, visit the BOREA page.


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