Basic Equipment Lists (BELs)


‚ÄčThe Basic Equipment Lists (BELs) have been developed to provide Colorado county assessors with a guide to help them identify and uniformly value oil and gas (O&G) equipment across the state. The BELs identify equipment common to each particular type of well by basin. Considerations include depth, production level, and method of production. In addition, three valuation grids are provided for each BEL to ensure that the equipment condition, depth, and production are appropriately taken into consideration. The Additional Installed, Communal Equipment, and Stored Equipment Lists are designed to account for equipment not included in the BELs or not installed at a well site. BELs are available in PDF format as well as a downloadable excel format.

Downloadable Excel Files

Disclaimer: The BELs were presented and approved by the Statutory Advisory Committee in PDF format displaying whole-number values. These tables are available by requesting a downloadable PDF version of ARL Volume 5.

The individual cells of the following Excel versions contain actual decimal values. Please be aware that any formulaic calculations in Excel, or other software, may vary from the calculations displayed in the tables found in the PDF version of ARL Volume 5.

The Division of Property Taxation will not be liable for the use of, or any errors resulting from the use of, the electronic versions of the BELs or associated lists. Because the files are not security protected and therefore changeable, the Division of Property Taxation will not be held liable for any information, or the use of such information, contained in such files.


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