Assessment Audit


Each year, the State of Colorado contracts for a property assessment study designed to help ensure that property in Colorado is valued correctly for tax purposes. Various provisions of the Colorado Constitution and Colorado Revised Statutes govern the study. Notably, Section 39-1-104 (16), C.R.S., requires that the study be completed and a final report submitted to the General Assembly and the State Board of Equalization by September 15, 2023.

Auditor's Property Assessment Study Reports


2022 Abstract Projection Report

2022 CBOE Report

2022 County Reports

2022 Personal Property Report

2022 Sales Verification Report

2022 Statutory Deadline Report




2023 Abstract Projection Report

2023 CBOE Report

2023 County Reports

2023 Personal Property Report

2023 Sales Verification Report

2023 Statutory Deadline Report



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