2023 Special Legislative Session and Recertification

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A message from JoAnn Groff, State of Colorado Property Tax Administrator,

As you all are probably aware, today, Governor Polis called a special session to begin November 17, 2023, in an effort to lower the taxable value of properties in Colorado for 2023.

As I read the call, I am sure the 2023 assessed values will be addressed. The legislature may or may not address 2024 during this session.

I suspect there will be a value adjustment beyond that included in SB 22-238, similar to those seen in HH, as well as assessment rate adjustments. Recognition that the assessors need to know any changes to current law as soon as possible is what drove the timing of the special session to next week. In addition, policy makers recognize that any valuation adjustment needs - time. To that end, extended dates similar to those in HH will likely be included.

When looking at changing deadlines, it is clear that whatever changes are made to the timeline it is the intention to keep the tax payment schedule the same. We will try to buy you as much time as possible to get your work completed.

Due to the timing of the special session, we recommend that assessors wait until the special session concludes before sending out recertifications to your local governments. The session should be concluded before Thanksgiving. If you are a county that typically does your recertification early, we also recommend communicating with your local governments about this delay.

This is a fairly fast moving train. It is our intention to work with all of you to try to create a solution you all can enact. The silver thread is the honor to work with all of you towards resolution.

 If you have any questions, please contact Tony Werckman at tony.werckman@state.co.us, or (303) 864-7767.